What we are about.


Newsong Los Angeles is a multiethnic, intergenerational community that pursues RECONCILIATION and RESTORATION in our relationship with God, in our relationships with one another, in our communities in Los Angeles, and in our world. Through reconciliation and restoration, we and our communities experience wholeness and healing that comes through Jesus Christ. 


At Newsong LA, we strive to live out an authentic faith in CHRIST experienced in COMMUNITY. We are committed to experiencing and sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ. We are committed to pursuing this faith in the context of community. We engage in the CAUSE by participating in the work of God in our world together through local and global engagement in mission and social justice. 


We affirm six foundational affirmations of the Christian faith:
  • The centrality of the word of God
  • The necessity of new birth
  • A commitment to the whole mission of the Church
  • The church as a fellowship of believers
  • The conscious dependance on the Holy Spirit
  • The reality of freedom in Christ

Although we are a contemporary church, we also affirm a historic faith, expressed most simply in the Apostles Creed. (Click below to read more.)